The tap-mysql Singer tap pulls data from MySQL / MariaDB that can then be sent to a destination using a Singer target.

Alternative variants

Multiple variants of tap-mysql are available. This document describes the default transferwise variant, which is recommended for new users.

Alternative variants are:

Standalone usage

Install the package using pip:

pip install pipelinewise-tap-mysql

For additional instructions, refer to the README in the repository.

Usage with Meltano

Install Meltano, create your Meltano project, and add the tap to your project as an extractor:

meltano add extractor tap-mysql

For additional instructions, refer to the Meltano-specific documentation for tap-mysql.



Host (host)

  • Default: localhost

The MySQL hostname.

Port (port)

  • Default: 3306

The MySQL port.

User (user)

The MySQL username.

Password (password)

The MySQL password.

Database (database)

The MySQL database name.

SSL (ssl)

  • Default: false

Whether the MySQL connection should use SSL.

Filter DBs (filter_dbs)

Comma separated list of schemas to extract tables only from particular schemas and to improve data extraction performance

Session SQLs (session_sqls)

  • Default: SET @@session.time_zone="+0:00"SET @@session.wait_timeout=28800SET @@session.net_read_timeout=3600SET @@session.innodb_lock_wait_timeout=3600

List of SQL commands to run when a connection made. This allows to set session variables dynamically, like timeouts.

Looking for help?

If you're having trouble getting tap-mysql to work by itself or with Meltano, look for an existing issue in its repository, file a new issue, or join the Meltano Slack community and ask for help in the #plugins-general channel.

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