The target-athena Singer target sends data into Athena after it was pulled from a source using a Singer tap.

Standalone usage

Install the package using pip:

pip install git+

For additional instructions, refer to the README in the repository.

Usage with Meltano

Install Meltano, create your Meltano project, and add the target to your project as a custom loader:

meltano add --custom loader target-athena

Then, configure the loader, add any Singer tap as an extractor to pull data from a source and run a data integration (EL) pipeline.



Athena Database (athena_database)

The name of the Athena database to connect to.

AWS Region (aws_region)

The AWS region to use i.e. us-east-2.

AWS S3 Access Key ID (aws_access_key_id)

S3 Access Key Id. If not provided, aws_profile or AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID environment variable will be used.

AWS S3 Secret Access Key (aws_secret_access_key)

AWS S3 Session Token (aws_session_token)

Optional - S3 AWS STS token for temporary credentials. If not provided, AWS_SESSION_TOKEN environment variable will be used.

AWS profile name (aws_profile)

Optional - AWS profile name for profile based authentication. If not provided, AWS_PROFILE environment variable will be used.

Bucket (s3_bucket)

AWS S3 bucket name

S3 Key Prefix (s3_key_prefix)

A static prefix before the generated S3 key names. Using prefixes you can upload files into specific directories in the S3 bucket. Default(None)

S3 Staging Directory (s3_staging_dir)

S3 location to stage files. Example - s3://YOUR_S3_BUCKET/path/to/

Delimiter (delimiter)

(Default - ‘,’) A one-character string used to separate fields.

Quote Character (quotechar)

(Default - ‘”’) A one-character string used to quote fields containing special characters, such as the delimiter or quotechar, or which contain new-line characters.

Add Record Metadata (add_record_metadata)

(Default - False) Metadata columns add extra row level information about data ingestions, (i.e. when was the row read in source, when was inserted or deleted in snowflake etc.) Metadata columns are creating automatically by adding extra columns to the tables with a column prefix sdc. The column names are following the stitch naming conventions documented at Enabling metadata columns will flag the deleted rows by setting the _sdc_deleted_at metadata column. Without the add_record_metadata option the deleted rows from singer taps will not be recongisable in Snowflake.

Encryption Type (encryption_type)

(Default - ‘none’) The type of encryption to use. Current supported options are - ‘none’ and ‘KMS’.

Encryption Key (encryption_key)

A reference to the encryption key to use for data encryption. For KMS encryption, this should be the name of the KMS encryption key ID (e.g. ‘1234abcd-1234-1234-1234-1234abcd1234’). This field is ignored if ‘encryption_type’ is none or blank.

Compression (compression)

The type of compression to apply before uploading. Supported options are none (default) and gzip. For gzipped files, the file extension will automatically be changed to .csv.gz for all files.

Naming Convention (naming_convention)

(Default - None) Custom naming convention of the s3 key. Replaces tokens date, stream, and timestamp with the appropriate values. Supports “folders” in s3 keys e.g. folder/folder2/{stream}/export_date={date}/{timestamp}.csv. Honors the s3key_prefix, if set, by prepending the “filename”. E.g. naming_convention = folder1/my_file.csv and s3_key_prefix = prefix results in folder1/prefix_my_file.csv

Temp Directory (temp_dir)

(Default - platform-dependent) Directory of temporary CSV files with RECORD messages.

Object Format (object_format)

(Default - jsonl) The format to write the S3 in - jsonl or csv

Flattten Records (flatten_records)

Whether to flatten nested import data before loading it to Athena.

Looking for help?

If you're having trouble getting target-athena to work by itself or with Meltano, look for an existing issue in its repository, file a new issue, or join the Meltano Slack community and ask for help in the #plugins-general channel.

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