The target-snowflake Singer target sends data into Snowflake after it was pulled from a source using a Singer tap.

Alternative variants #

Multiple variants of target-snowflake are available. This document describes the meltano variant.

Alternative variants are:

Standalone usage #

Install the package using pip:

pip install git+

For additional instructions, refer to the README in the repository.

Usage with Meltano #

Meltano helps you manage your configuration, incremental replication, and scheduled pipelines.

View the Meltano-specific target-snowflake instructions to learn more.

Capabilities #

Settings #

target-snowflake requires the configuration of the following settings:

The settings for target target-snowflake that are known to Meltano are documented below. To quickly find the setting you're looking for, use the Table of Contents at the top of the page.

Account (account) #

Account Name in Snowflake (

Username (username) #

The username you use for logging in

Password (password) #

The password you use for logging in

Role (role) #

Role to be used for loading the data, e.g. LOADER. Also this role is GRANTed usage to all tables and schemas created

Database (database) #

The name of the Snowflake database you want to use

Warehouse (warehouse) #

The name of the Snowflake warehouse you want to use

Schema (schema) #


Note $MELTANO_EXTRACT__LOAD_SCHEMA will expand to the value of the load_schema extra for the extractor used in the pipeline, which defaults to the extractor’s namespace, e.g. tap_gitlab for tap-gitlab. Values are automatically converted to uppercase before they’re passed on to the plugin, so tap_gitlab becomes TAP_GITLAB.

Batch Size (batch_size) #

  • Default: 5000

The number of records sent to Snowflake at a time.

Timestamp Column (timestamp_column) #

  • Default: __loaded_at

Name of the column used for recording the timestamp when Data are uploaded to Snowflake.

Looking for help? #

If you're having trouble getting the target-snowflake target to work, look for an existing issue in its repository, file a new issue, or join the Meltano Slack community and ask for help in the #plugins-general channel.

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