The tap-spreadsheets-anywhere Meltano extractor pulls data from Spreadsheets Anywhere that can then be sent to a destination using a loader.

Alternative variants #

Multiple variants of tap-spreadsheets-anywhere are available. This document describes the default ets variant, which is recommended for new users.

Alternative variants are:

Getting Started #

Prerequisites #

If you haven't already, follow the initial steps of the Getting Started guide:

  1. Install Meltano
  2. Create your Meltano project

Installation and configuration #

  1. Add the tap-spreadsheets-anywhere extractor to your project using meltano add :

    meltano add extractor tap-spreadsheets-anywhere
  2. Configure the settings below using meltano config .

Next steps #

Follow the remaining steps of the Getting Started guide:

  1. Select entities and attributes to extract
  2. Add a loader to send data to a destination
  3. Run a data integration (EL) pipeline
If you run into any issues, learn how to get help.

Capabilities #

Settings #

tap-spreadsheets-anywhere requires the configuration of the following settings:

The settings for extractor tap-spreadsheets-anywhere that are known to Meltano are documented below. To quickly find the setting you're looking for, use the Table of Contents at the top of the page.

Tables (tables) #

An array holding json objects that each describe a set of targeted source files. See repo README for details.

How to use #

Manage this setting using meltano config or an environment variable:

meltano config tap-spreadsheets-anywhere set tables '[...]'


Looking for help? #

If you're having trouble getting the tap-spreadsheets-anywhere extractor to work, look for an existing issue in its repository, file a new issue, or join the Meltano Slack community and ask for help in the #plugins-general channel.

Found an issue on this page? #

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